The 10 Weirdest Ice Cream Flavors Ever

by on April 4, 2018

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6- Charcoal Ice Cream

There are two great benefits in charcoal ice cream, which is probably why it makes our top ten ice creams from hell list. (not from hell, from Japan) First, once you have eaten a bowl of this gray colored, icy cold treat, you do not have to worry about indigestion…, ever. Coating your stomach with charcoal ice cream is akin to drinking twelve bottles of Pepto Bismal laced with Elmer’s glue. The second and most useful benefit is if you are cooking out and you run out of fuel, well. There you have it. By the way, two days after you have eaten this delicious and nutritious ice cream, you can recycle it and save a ton on charcoal briquettes.


7-  Squid Gut Ice Cream

Speaking of something that comes from intestines, Squid gut ice cream makes the top ten ice cream from hell list (not from hell, from Japan) It does not take a ninja master to figure out that squid gut ice cream is one of the most delicious of Japanese delicacies that can be found. The secret to this wonderful flavor is in the tiny chunks of squid gut that you can chew up and grind between your teeth to maximize the experience. I learn something new every day, I mean…, who knew squid have intestines?


8- Tna Fish Ice Cream

Speaking of chopped raw fish, no salad would be complete without a dish of tuna fish ice cream. You have heard the old saying that you can tune a piano but you cannot tune a fish. Well apparently, you can, as long as it is squished up, mixed with cream, and frozen. I might be able to eat one of these if I had some mayo syrup to put on it. Unless all that licking uncovered a tuna fish eyeball. Then I think I would be in trouble. Can you say, tuna fish and puke ice cream?


9- Wasabi Ice Cream

For those of you that think Wasabi is a tribe of pygmies hidden deep in the Congo, guess again. While I would not put it past the Japanese to make an ice cream flavor made of that gooey stuff between elephant’s toes, (slow pygmies) Wasabi is actually a Japanese plant. Its root is used as a spice and is the main ingredient for the horseradish most commonly served with sushi. When you think about it, what could be more refreshing on a hot afternoon in Japan than a nice horseradish ice cream cone? Substitute chopped nuts for chopped raw fish for a complete meal!


10- Collagen Lemon Ice Cream

Collagen is a protein found naturally in the body. It is used by the health and cosmetic industries to help revitalize aging skin. Collagen makes up 25% to 35% of all protein count in mammals. Why anyone would want to use it in ice cream is beyond me. (Could this be why the Japanese look so young?) I would not know whether to lick it or wear it on my face overnight to get that younger look. While I have known a few supermodels I would not mind nibbling on, I do not believe I would be thinking about their collagen. The lemon is a fruit that has more uses than you can shake a cone at. From cleaning products to pie and from cosmetics to insecticides, the lemon is one of the most widely used fruits for purposes other than eating than any other. So how did they solve the problem of lemon juice curdling milk and collagen? The world may never know this Japanese secret. I know I will not because I will never eat a collagen and lemon flavored ice cream. Sorry Yoshi, I just cannot do it.

I’m gonna stick with my vanilla ice cream sandwich please.

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