25+ Annoying Movie Mistakes To Drive You Crazy

by on April 3, 2014

Movie mistakes

Here we arrange the list of 25+ Annoying Movie Mistakes To Drive You Crazy.These Movie mistakes you may not notice, But they are really hilarious.

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Worst Titanic Movie Mistakes

In the movie G.I. Joe: The rise of Cobra the climactic final battle takes place in Cobra’s underwater arctic secret base. The team escapes and destroys the ice above them. The ice then sinks, crushing the secret base.
Ice floats in water.


In the Godzilla remake, Godzilla chases some military helicopters through New York as they weave between buildings trying desperately to outrun him. Apparently the highly trained military helicopter pilots don’t know that helicopters can go “up.”


In The Rock, Sean Connery’s character breaks into Alcatraz by rolling under a furnace using knowledge of the flame burst timings he had acquired while breaking out. He opens a door to let the others through. On his way out, why didn’t he use the door?


The most annoying and consistent movie plot-hole is the one found in all Santa movies. We get it, the parents have lost the spirit of Christmas and no longer believe in Santa Claus la la la… But if they don’t believe in Santa, how do they explain all the Christmas gifts under the tree that they didn’t purchase?


Superman weakly falls to his knees by landing on an island forged of Kryptonite.
Superman proceeds to lift this entire island into space.


Transformers: Revenge of the fallen. Why the fuck did they not just use that sliver of the all spark to revive Optimus instead of the other guy.


In the first Transformers film, the Decepticons start a huge battle trying to obtain a pair of glasses they found on eBay. With all of their futuristic intellect and technology, you’d think they’d have had the sense to just bid on the glasses.


How bout the movie “the Core” the entire premise for movie was a plot hole. Don”t even get me started on the part where DJ Qualls “hacks the internet”.


Eurotrip. The entire premise of the film is that the main character travels to Europe to talk to this girl after she blocks his email address. Why didn’t he just make a new email address?


In any movie in any major city they always park in front of the building they are visiting. I don’t have a problem with time travel, superpowers, space aliens, or alternate dimensions, but free parking spaces in New York, SF, Chicago, London, etc. That just doesn’t happen.


In the Disney version of “Aladdin”, Aladdin’s first wish is to be a prince. I don’t know if the genie’s magic is just terrible, or Aladdin forgot his first wish, but the last half of the movie is all about how Jasmin can’t marry him because he’s not a prince.


Die Hard 2
Terrorists cause a large passenger plane to land too hard just as it runs out of fuel.
The plane then explodes in an utterly massive fireball of the fuel it doesn’t have.


In Snow White and the Huntsman, the mirror says that Kristen Stewart is more beautiful than Charlize Theron.


The deadly blood-sucking mosquito mutant in the B-movie “Mosquito” is male. Only female mosquito suck blood.


In Battle LA during the briefing of the Marines the CO says that the aliens (who came from space) do not have air assets (though coming from space) so they don’t have to worry about enemy air support they FUCKING CAME FROM SPACE.


Any James Bond movie. “Bond, James Bond”
Why the hell would a spy give his name away?


In the Dark knight: when Batman jumps out of the window to save Rachel when the Joker dropped her
Batman just left the Joker alone with the wealthiest people in Gotham and no explanation on what happened there.


The ocean is deep. You can’t just anchor ANYWHERE.


In the new spiderman, they decide to send most of their forces going after spiderman, a vigilante trying to help them when a MOTHERFUCKING LIZARD MAN JUST SET OFF A BIOLOGICAL AGENT THAT TURNS PEOPLE INTO MOTHERFUCKING LIZARDS. GO TO THE FUCKING LIZARD MAN YOU GOONS.


Jurassic Park. Isla Nublar is in the Pacific Ocean off the coast of Central America. At the end of the movie the Helicopter is flying into the sunset. Where in the fuck are they going????


The Day After Tomorrow! people freeze instantly, but not if you put on a north face jacket.


Street Fighter remake, the one with Kristin Kreuk — Bison tells his backstory about how he was a poor Irish baby abandoned in Hong Kong when he was only a few weeks old, raised by locals… YET HE SOMEHOW ENDS UP AS AN ADULT WITH AN IRISH ACCENT.


Tooth brushing scenes where they don’t fucking use toothpaste.


In Ice Age III, Manny jumps from one rock to another. It really bothers me that talking mammoths cause no troubles for my suspension of disbelief, but jumping mammoths do.


In Benjamin Button, not a single person question the fact the guy was aging backwards…WTF couldn’t they have taken him to a doctor.


The Last Samurai. Cruise spends a few months in samurai training and becomes the best warrior in the village and the leader as well.


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