25 Photos With Hilarious Captions

by on April 23, 2013

1-I think the art students have finally given up.

2-Now, That's What I Call Art!

3-I mean, whatever's comfortable...

4-There are two types of nerds


6-Well that's one way to take a nap

7-I think someone has had enough

8-These pants seem to be in a weird mood this morning...

9-Seems a bit unnecessary...

10-Rare Image of the N.K. Air Force

11-How you know they're straight.

12-Meanwhile in North Carolina

13-When the guy living upstairs has unprotected wifi...

14-Behind every sign there's a story

15-The James Bond fan page didn't like my touch up

16-Playing hide and seek with my nephew


18-Yo check out this chick

19-May I help you, sir

20-Radio today is just too direct

21-The best snowman I have ever seen

22-Budget cuts are starting to take their toll


24-Who doesn't love pla

25-What the HELL Frank

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