Did you know that a man who was impersonating a police officer got caught after…

by on December 8, 2018

The history of dumb crime has seen many cases. People all over the world try to pull off different stunts by trying to get away from the law. And a US man learned the hard way that the arm of the law isn’t loose enough.


Jonathan Charles Stevens from Tampa, Florida, apparently thought it would be cool to impersonate a cop, since he pulled over a female driver with the help of the blue lights on his Chevy Tahoe. Stevens quickly showed off his fake badge, but learned that the woman he had pulled over, had a real one. The female police officer, which he had pulled over, realized that something was off after Stevens told her he was going to report her reckless driving because he was working for Homeland Security. The man’s fiasco resulted in his arrest.

He was charged with illegal use of blue lights, impersonating a government agency employee and possession of a firearm. Next time he’ll think twice before getting too inspired by Law and Order.

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