10 Amazing Life Hacks You Should Use To Change Yourself

by on July 9, 2019

There are numerous life hacks you can use to overcome the mental blocks that stop your life. Almost all of us do various things to keep moving on, to show the world we have something to do, but in the end we only find ourselves blocked. Changing your Facebook statuses, taking inspiration from the movies, cleaning our computers, washing our clothes, making attempts to become an online sensation, rationalizing the steps we take to change our lives, eating heavy meals, hyper socializing and every other thing we do are just mere attempts to make sense out of our lives.

Everyone in the world loves to be admired, especially the one who say they don’t care at all. But there come times, when people start to think that nobody likes them. So, keeping in view these facts about life, I will try to add some useful tips into the article.

But here I would be jotting down some of the most useful and amazing life hacks that will help you in overcoming all your mental blocks and in changing your life for good. Here the 10 amazing life hacks you should use to change yourself.

10. Flattery

For those of you who are facing a number of problems at your workplace, the use of flattery can prove to be handy for you. It is known to be one of the top most self-promotion strategies known to man. But it is imperative here to make it appear like flattery, as the opposite might pose a great deal of harm on you.

9. Improvising

The idea here is to improvise at the time when you find a person tired. It is fact that when you plan to impress someone you like or plan to get into touch with that person, then it is best to improvise at the time when you find the person tired. But here, you would need to ask for a help of low intensity, otherwise he or she might turn down some large requests from your side. On asking for help at that specific instant, most of the people would agree to provide help the next day.

8. Call Others by Their Name

Dale Carnegie has suggested this strategy in his famous book, How to win Friends. In it, he has suggested that the best way to impress someone for the first time is by making use of the person’s name. No matter in what language you might call out his or her name, they are sure to be impressed no matter what. The name of a person is the core and most integral part of his or her identity. Moreover, try to speak out the name in a respectful manner and do not pose yourself as a disrespectful moron.

7. Do not correct others

In the same book, Carnegie had specified that in order to influence another person, try to listen to him or her as much as possible and never try to correct the person. No matter the person is right or wrong, always show your interest in listening to the person, as who knows you might be able to bag yet another admirer through the use of this maneuver.

6. Winning Arguments

At the time you find yourself in an argument with someone who has more knowledge about an issue about which you are not equipped, try to laugh out the argument. Trust me when I say that this strategy indeed comes in handy and will save you the embarrassment of being termed an ignorant and a person with limited knowledge. Moreover, this life hack does come in handy in gaining the upper hand in any trivial argument. On seeing you laugh, the other person will turn mad and will start losing his grasp on the propositions and statements he or she would be making. Try it out, as it won’t hurt you. But even still if you think that you are on the verge of losing the argument, try to use the sentence “Yeah, yeah, yeah, but still you are not making sense, stop mumbling and give me sound logic”.

5. Making Others like You

When you want to impress someone, but are held back by the belief that the person doesn’t likes you, it best to ask for favors. For example, to begin with you can ask the person for a pencil or something else. Surely, this psychological trick is really cool in making others like you a bit more. At the same time, you can also ask the person for another small favor, which you think he or she won’t be able to turn down. Moreover, while talking to a person you want to impress, it is always best to be funny, but remember to make no stupid jokes. At the same time, you should also bear in mind that most of the people in this world are only interested in themselves. Try and talk about themselves, ensure that the conversation remains focused on them and make them believe that they are the only ones in charge. Try asking him or her questions related to their “self” like their hobbies, interests, how they spend their vacations, what are the things they hate etc. The most important thing here is to keep your eyes fixed on them most of the times while the conversation progresses.

4. Changing the Channel of your Life

The one common reason for which most of us find ourselves being blocked by the dead ends, is all because we place our attention and cognitive abilities in things we do not actually want. The idea here is to keep our mind focused on the initial aim with which we set out. To begin with, you should try to do something that is completely unlinked to the problem. The previous-you would have gave in the problems and mental blocks. In order to pass your time, you might love to spin on a chair in order see that how many spins you can make in a single go, but this is all nonsense, to say the least. Instead, you can open a nice YouTube link for listening to an amazing song. As they say, in order to find a solution to a problem, it is best to go outside the problem and then try to look what is happening on the inside.

3. Modify your Environment

Now here is the life hack that is really the most recommended in order to overcome or to walk past the mental blocks that come your way. The one thing that is really weird about our brain is the fact that it functions like a pattern making machine, as it is its job. All of these patterns are formed on the basis of the thoughts and actions we have in mind. Most of the times, the mental blocks that come out way are resulted when we find ourselves stuck in some bizarre brain pattern, which finally changes into a routine if not dealt. But not to panic here, as by changing your environment, you would be able to look what lies beyond the wall that is blocking you. The idea here is to make use of something that would come to disrupt the same old sluggish daily routine. In short, this strategy would turn out to be an effective measure for broadening and notching the way we make patterns in our life.

2. Asking for Help

Even after making use of the above mentioned maneuvers, you still find yourself being strangled and muffled by the dead ends in your life, what else could be more utilitarian than seeking some help for a person you know and trust. There is no single person on this planet who can claim that he or she strode towards glory and achievement all alone. At the same time those who do link their success to their own persona, are nothing more than just selfish pricks having no regard for the people who matter in their lives. Furthermore, you can ask for some help from a person you think is experienced in terms of tackling similar situations. Surely, there is some reason for which most of the opinions in the world are available to us for free. So, why not make use of these free opinions and say (F off) to all our problems in life.

1. Talk Positive, Think Positive and Be Positive

Never allow yourself to think negative about life. Although there come times when everything around us seems to be marked with profound negativity, but trust me in say that these things have been designed to test our limits. People hate being sad more than they love to be happy and remember that there is a difference between the two. When you are meeting someone for the first time or going for a date, then try to avoid the danger topics as much as possible like religion, politics, economy and many more. Even if you plan to talk about something bad that happened to you, try add some fun into it. In other words, you need to show the other person that you are not among those faint hearted people who are turned down by the problems in life. But first you need to figure out the exact kind of humor you are good at. Some people happen to be great at physical comedy, while others rely on the usage of their dry sense of humor based on puns and mere cynicism. Even if you make a joke that doesn’t turn out to be funny, try to bounce back from it and make another one. The best thing here is the fact that people never remember the jokes that weren’t funny, they only remember the ones that were. There is always a second chance for everything in life, but the outcome would be judged on the basis what you make out of it. Be happy, keep rolling-that is what life is all about, isn’t it?  So, now might be the right time to make use of the 6 amazing life hacks to transform and change your life.


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