10 Movies That Are Poised To Make 2015 The Pinnacle Of Geekology

by on October 16, 2018

It has been seen that now there are many films that are aimed to please people who are undeniably the geeks. These people who have been mocked and heckled throughout school and college will have a landmark year of movies that will make them jump with joy. We may think that they are out there and their choices are weird. But we do know their taste.

We believe that 2015 will be the year for which all the nerds need to start saving for to see movies that will delight them.

Trolls: In spite of ourselves, we always found something appealing about the wild haired little dolls of the Trolls line. With Jason Schwartzman as the star, this animated movie is going to be on 2015. The screenplay is going to be written by the author who wrote Monster versus Aliens, which means it will be a movie to watch out for.


Ant-man: We are talking about a turnaround version of Honey I shrunk the hero here. Many of you may think that this does not sound so good but there are two things that give us hope – one of them is Marvel studios and the other is the director Edgar Wright.
Hotel Transylvania: One of the good things about this movie is that it is trying to bring back Popeye to life. Based on a high earning animated program this seems like a good idea.


B.O.O – bureau of Otherworldly Operations: Though not much is known about this film, it has the possibility to be really thrilling. This film will have Seth Rogen as a ghost who has to return to school so that he can learn to really put the fear into people.

Peanuts: This is a classic that we always loved and associated with the creator Charles Schulz. His son Craig Schulz is the screenwriter of this animated feature along with Director Steve Marino gives us hope that this will be movie worth watching.


Fantastic Four: The earlier movies in this series were well received. But still this movie is also awaited with a lot of enthusiasm due to the fact that they want to see what happens to the four teenagers with super powers in the future.


Justice league: The movie is poised to be made and could be a big a success as the rest of the super hero films. The movie is to be directed by Christopher Nolan and it has all the elements to make it a success.


The hunger games – MockingJay Part Two: With the trend of movies being made in sequels, this has become the trend for Mockingjay too. By this standard this movie too should be a huge success.


Avengers 2: With all the tongue in cheek comments, you may assume that this is movie that needs subtitles. Since the earlier part ended with many characters ending, this movie may have entirely a new set of characters, like all other super hero movies. As far as movies for geeks goes this may just top the list.


Star Wars Episode VII: Star wars is the iconic movie of all geeks. So what will this movie have? Kids of the characters Han and Leia? Or will Luke be trainer in the Jedi Academy. There is a lot of guessing and surmising but we will have to wait for the movie to see how it all works out. One thing we can agree that a list of movies for geeks would not be complete without this movie!


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