10 Strange But Usable Skills That Can Change Your Life

by on January 10, 2019

Life is a big lesson, you never know what bit of learning that you will pick up from any source. Now that most of us spend a lot of time on the net, especially social networking sites, we believe that you can learn something useful from these sites. Here are a few strange but definitely useful things that have been picked up from time spent on Internet:

Secrets of the boudoir: The secret to making the marital bedroom a haven of good relationships is to ensure that the bedroom is strictly used for two things – rest and intimate relationships. This way you have a place you can retire to for much needed rest and redefine your physical relationship with your partner.

1- marital bedroom

Modulate to communicate: The thing about verbal communication it goes beyond mere speaking. To ensure that you come across as somebody confident and authoritative on the subject you are talking about, modulate your voice as you speak. Pick a pace that is even and slower than your normal pitch (unless that is already slow). People will stop and listen.

2-Modulate to communicate

Pick up the mood of your day: This is a life lesson we could all do with; learning to make our day better. The mantra is simple; just do something nice for somebody else. This will make them happy and their happiness will permeate your mood making you upbeat.

4-mood of your day

How to make perfect bacon: The trick is to bake it in the oven instead of cooking it on the stove. Place foil in the oven tray. Place slices of bacon on the foil, if you want you can sprinkle syrup, flour or seasoning on top. Cook in oven at 400 degrees till golden and crispy. The time needed to cook depends on the quantity and thickness of the bacon.

5-make perfect bacon

Accessing blocked sites : You can apparently access sites that are blocked off by adding a “s” to the http in the url.

6-Accessing blocked sites

Cracking eggs in such a way that the shell does not become part of it: To ensure this crack the egg on a flat surface instead of cracking it on the edge of a bowl.

7-Cracking eggs

Tying shoelaces: This seemingly simple task is messed up by many an “intelligent” adult. Just use the bunny method to get it right. Form two ears with each end of the lace and then open one of the ears and run it around the other ear to form a knot.

9-tying shoelaces bunny ears

Socializing made easy: The key here is to pretend to be confident even though you don’t feel it. This way, acting confident becomes a habit and in time an inherent quality in your social interactions. This will make interacting with people becomes a breeze.

Getting inner wear right: Many a woman looks awkward and suffers from problems due to the wrong bra size. This site has provided insight into how to measure the cup size by taking measurements at the widest and narrowest points.

8-mood of your day

Get clear skin and shiny hair: Using something as mundane as baking soda you can remove dead skin from your face and also get rid of dandruff. Take some baking powder, mix with water and rub on face in an upwards motion. Then wash of with water. Mix baking powder to shampoo to wash hair as means of getting rid of that dandruff.

10-clear skin and shiny hair

You definitely can glean some useful information ranging from right from the household to socializing tips right here. All this while you are having fun!

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