10 Weirdest Crimes Related To Facebook

by on April 22, 2013

Crimes Related To Facebook

No one can imagine life without Facebook today, at least not the younger generation. But the fact is like any other new development, fad or innovation, even Facebook has been used for nefarious purposes. Some of which include stalking people online, distribution of erotica among other things. In this article we will not be talking about these, but rather about those sort of criminal activities that are just super freaken weird! Below are some of the strangest list of crimes committed through FaceBook:

  • Imprisoned for sending friend request to wife after being told not to contact her, Dylan Osborn found himself arrested for being “friendly”
  • Ms. Phoebe Prince killed herself after being bullied online. She had relocated to Massachusetts from Ireland and was subjected to bullying online
  • Adam Mann killed his wife in a gruesome manner by pounding her and then cutting her throat for their young son to find. Why ? Because she trashed him on the social media site by calling him ineffectual. There have been several cases where publicly talking about relationships has been the cause of death. Case in point when Hayley Jones was killed by the spouse, Brian Lewis, for changing her relationship status to single. Camille Mathurasingh was slayed by her boyfriend when a picture of her was spotted with someone else on FB.
  • The theft identity in the online realm is not at all unusual. One girl created and used a fake profile with the express purpose of spoiling her boyfriend’s name on the social media Network and now could be facing prison. There has been another case of when Fouad Mourtad was accused of stealing the identity of the King’s brother Moulay Rachid on FB. He found himself imprisoned for 3 years. He was released in 43 days after getting a special pardon.
  • One nineteen year old Corey Christian Adams was caught trying to hire somebody to kill a girl who had accused him of rape. A cop pretending to be answering his query managed to collect enough evidence to catch him. He has now been sentenced on all charges
  • Facebook has even been used to blackmail. After a bitter divorce, a 23-year-old Nigerian Afolakemi Mojisola Adeniyi put up a picture of her ex on Facebook which pointed him out as a member of the Boko Haram, a savage terrorist group. She was caught after her ex reported her to the police. She later claimed to have done this on being threatened by her ex.
  • Violence to animal is another thing that has been shared on FB. One American Couple Alexander Daniel Rust and Vanessa Starr Palm posted pictures of them partaking of an iguana which is an endangered species. The pics were reported to the cops by some of their acquaintances. There was even a killing of mouse which was recorded on video and posted on FB. This case too was reported and the offending party caught and punished.
  • This can be considered a hilarious incident. A burglar was caught due to his compulsive love of being on Facebook. Jonathan.G.Parker, the burglar in question was caught as he could not resist checking in on his FB account in the Victim’s home, on his computer.
  • Posting of a gruesome picture of a dead body by a New York Medical technician on Facebook landed him in trouble. Mark Musarella was sacked by the hospital in which he was working and had been sentenced to hours of community service.
  • Among the most bizarre things to happen of Facebook is the addiction to this site leading to catching of culprits. Burglars have been caught because they taunted people with what they had done to them.

The word of caution here is being careful about what and with whom you share the details of your life when you are on a social media networking site like Facebook.

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