15 Free Things Available Over The Web We Can Make Use Of

by on April 2, 2019

I am not here to define what the Internet is but it’s not only surfing sites or taking advantage of social media platforms. It has so much to offer, Here are a few of my favorite Things Available over the web we can really make use of. I really miss Ubuntu’s Free CD delivering service, It was really good, unfortunately they no longer ship Free Ubuntu CD’s. But, No worries at all, there are many such services are available, jump into the list below to find. Do you know of some more? … Well, then don’t hesitate to help the community.

1-electronic component


3-Coupon codes


5-Learning a language

6-Project Free TV

7-to load all your programs


9-live streaming


11-the color of your computer's display



14-security essentials


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