23 Awesome Gifs That Explains How Stuff Actually Works

by on March 5, 2019

With these interestingly awesome gifs below you will find a collection of simple and elegant animations that explain how various things work. These animations help educate and explain how the world around us functions.

A Machine Making A Chain

Cakes With Jam

Chicken Wire


Glass Bottle Extrusion

Helmet Camouflage

How Marbles Are Made

How Pasta Are Made

Ice-Cream Sandwiches

Moving Traffic Dividers For Rush Hour

Paintball Forming 

Pen Cartridge Gluing

Pen Ink Testing



Steel Cable Lubrication (Giggity)

How Guns Work

How Locks Work

How Oscillating Fans Work

How To Kill A Shark During Sharknado

How Zippers Work

The PythagoreanTheorem

The Solar System Moving Though Space

What Lightning Looks Like Slowed Down

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