25 Cutest Pictures Ever That Will Hit You In The Right Feels

by on February 17, 2019

1-My daughters reaction when my brother shot me with a Nerf gun-vert

2-My daughter meeting a Great Dane at the park-vert

3-My daughter fractured her arm yesterday. Our lab let her use him as a teddy bear all morning-vert

4 This is the first time this man has ever seen his 3 week old daughter. He's looking at her like she was the most beautiful thing on earth-vert

5 My friend's husband back from Iraq holding his daughter for the first time-vert

6 My daughter and her trusty steed protecting the farm animals-vert

7 Cute daddy-daughter duo I saw at Six Flags today-vert

8 Daughter's first time with a water hose!-vert

9 My dog and my daughter trying to kiss-vert

10 My son and his puppy, friends for life-vert

11 My son likes to sleep like this-vert

12 Iron man and son-vert

13 What a difference a year makes... This is Annie, my son's 4th birthday present and 5th birthday best buddy-vert

14 I don't know how you'll feel about this...But I found this next to my sleeping son when I got home from work at 2am. I don't cry often-vert

15 My pugs guarding my newborn son, Quinn-vert

16 My son's reaction when he saw my dad and brother using a chainsaw to cut down one of our trees-vert

17 My 5 year old son reading to his 2 year old sister-vert

18 At the $0-vert

19 this is my son's favorite sleeping position-vert

20 Like mother like son-vert

21 My son was told to wear red, white, and blue to summer school today. I think he chose well..-vert

22 When my son was an infant, we put him on the couch to nap. Our nine year old niece didn't feel that it was safe, so she made a sign-vert

23 My son likes to put together his outfits in the morning. Today he decided to make the dog match him-vert

24 Today i met my son for the first time 2 years after his birth-vert

25 My son and his bff-vert

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