25 Father-Son Relation Pictures To Make You Smile

by on March 18, 2019

0-Saw my son's flip flops and decided to try them on. Perfect fit!... For my toes

1-My son wants to be a firefighter, So I built him a firetruck bed.

2-My son turns 5 tomorrow, so we built him a spaceship

3-I spent the summer drawing on my son's lunch bags.

4-My son and I as Batman and Robin

5-I made my son a helicopter ceiling fan

6-My son's Halloween costume.

7-One of my favorite pictures! My son and I driving to my wedding.

8-Made a cardboard box train for my son and connected it to my Ipad

9-The actual moment I realized that this was indeed my son.

10-My son and I on his first Halloween.

11-My sons reaction after reading the chalkboard to him.

12-Went outside to find my son and daughter like this...they're the most awesome kids a dad could ever ask for!

13-Behold, the Jeep bed I made for my son.

14-This is how my son prefers to watch cartoons.

15-My 103 year-old great-grandfather spending his last moments with his son, my grandfather.

16-My son is sick. These two take care of him.

17-My son on his dream trip to Disney

18-My son's reaction when he saw my dad and brother using a chainsaw to cut down one of our trees

19-My 5 year old son reading to his 2 year old sister.

20-Told my son that we were going to watch happy feet. He brought our hats.

21-My son found something strange in his toy box today

22-Me and my son. Pictures taken 23 years apart

23-Walked in on my son watching TV like this. Freaked me out for a second.

24-Walked in on my son doing this.

25-Walked in to the living room to find my son reading his magazine...

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