25 Human Portraits To Lighten Up Your DaY

by on October 27, 2018

1-Skater Girls in Tehran

2-US Special Forces Tactical Beard - Unknown Branch

3-3 year old girl as a butterfly lands on her face [1247x845]

4-Ballet in Rwanda [720 x 729]

5-Young Afghan girl holds hands with a female American Soldier

6-Man in Aztec     costume jumps [700x875]

7-Bread and Milk. Istanbul. [589 x 888]

8-One girl's illegal train ride in Bangladesh [960x630]

9-A dying soldier clutching to a priest after being hit by sniper fire. [429x305]

10-China's oldest living person marks 127th birthday [768 × 1024]

11-Little Flower Girl [900x600]

12-The 6000 year old kiss found in Hasanlu, Iran. [411x617]

13-North Korean Soldiers Share a Laugh [3500x2322]

14-Taking care of his elders [440 x 586]

15-Man with Damaged Eye, by Steve McCurry, Pakistan [906x1350]

16-This guy catched me taking a picture of him [540x720]

17-The King and Queen of Bhutan [620x411]

18-A Savage Beauty at Burning Man [800x536]

19-1875. filipina mestiza woman [500x695]

20-An Army Nurse Who Served in Both World Wars, Shown Here at the Age of 103 [oc][3000x2000]

21-A girl in a Pakistani slum. [1276x992]

22-Buddhist Monk Cuddling a Tiger [640 × 485]

23-Burma Punks  The Colorful Youth of Rangoon [1500x1000]

24-Coal miner smoking a cigarette, Pol-e-Khomri [796x1200]

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