25 Real Life Cheats and Hacks

by on March 29, 2019

1-advertisements in movies

2-Riding a bicycle

3-ahead see a cop

4-cops questions

5-credit card magnetic stripe

6-buy something online

7-Buy things out of season

8-you have forgotten someones name

9- peel a boiled egg

10-spill any liquid

11-take a photo on your cell phone of the nearest parking sign

12-ice on the side

13-commenting on something

14-little boy


16-On flights, if you are fighting for an arm rest with a stranger

17-stop a sneeze

18-placing it in your shoes

19- half an hour of downtime in the morning

20-cross your arms

21-ice guy

22-buying expensive binoculars

23-Kill a boner

24-becoming a new customer


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