25 Ridiculous History Facts To Know About

by on January 4, 2019

25 Ridiculous History Facts To Know About

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The Taiping Rebellion in China between 1850-64 against the Qing Dynasty led by a man who said he was Jesus’ younger brother. 20 million people died, making it more deadly than the First World War.


Otto Von Bismarck once threatened to jump out of a window if the King did not agree with his plans for Austria. The prince walked over to the window, opened it, and told Bismarck to go ahead.


Kennedy’s brain was removed from his body following his death. They then proceeded to misplace it, and it was never seen again.

The federal government is still paying for two civil war pensions.


Peter the Great collected giants. He would swap with The Polish King, Russian dwarfs for Polish Giants. He also had a regiment of giants in his military


There was a guy that lived in San Francisco who declared himself the Emperor of the United States and Protector of Mexico.


America’s “secret war with Russia.” After the Russian Revolution in 1917, the USA sent troops to help the tsarists “White” Russians against the Bolshevik “Red” Russians.


Hitler didn’t refuse to shake Jesse Owen’s hand at the 1936 Olympics because he was black.


The most successful pirate in history was a Chinese prostitute in the 1800s.


Socrates was a stone cutter and an Athenian marine before becoming a philosopher.


In April of 1945 during the Battle of Castle Itter, German and American troops fought on the same side.


John Tyler, 10th president in the United States, had a son when he was 63. The son of John Tyler fathered two of his sons at the age of 71 and 75. Those two sons are still alive.


King Philip The Fair sent thugs to beat Pope Boniface VIII to death on his way back to the Vatican. Who gets named “the Fair” for beating a pope to death!?


Julius Wagner-Jauregg won the Nobel Prize for finding a cure for syphilis. He did it by giving people malaria.


Genghis Khan is considered the “greenest” invader. This is because he killed so many people that carbon dioxide levels on Earth dropped during his reign.


In 1914, Frank Llyod Wright (the famous architect) lost his wife, several children and workers at his house when his servant went crazy and murdered them with and axe and by setting fire to the building.


The first video game was a cathode ray tube missile simulator in 1947, a long time before pong was released.


It is said that the American Civil War started in his front yard and ended in his front parlor.


King Tut was born almost 1200 years after the pyramids were made. it was ancient to him as well.


The chief engineer who completed the Brooklyn Bridge was a woman. Emily Roebling is considered the first female field engineer after she took over the role from her sick husband.



George Washington was a ginger and powdered his hair white instead of wearing a wig.


The time difference between the stegosaurus and the tyrannosaurus is larger than the time difference between you and the tyrannosaurus


Oxford University (1096) predates the Aztec Empire (1325).


While Bill Clinton was in office during the Lewinsky scandal, Lewinsky became pregnant by a Pentagon employee.


Cleopatra was not nearly as beautiful as the movies show.


Simo Hayha is known as the deadliest sniper of all time, with 505 kills.


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