An Evolution of SteamPunk Gas Masks (19 Pics)

by on April 9, 2019

Gas masks are in use very commonly since the the chemical weapons entered in warfare, To protect against the deadly threats of radio active dusts and biological weapons from the Nuclear Era. But, how much fun can you have with it? Well, wearing of gas masks were so noticeable part of civil wars and cold wars, in defense exercises. But, today it becomes a trend of fashion for almost without any reason and it’s quite disturbing sometimes to look peoples with gas masks on the roads.

Whatsoever, There are some artists who have taken this to another level. What about a remix of Steam Punk and Gas Masks fashion? And it looks cool undoubtedly. Learning never exhausts the mind. Have a look on these awesome findings of human brain.

Ragnarok Steampunk Gas Mask

Steampunk Leather Gas Mask

Leather steampunk gas mask.

Captains Aviation Gas Mask

Steampunk Mechanical mask

Rhino Steampunk Gas Mask

Pachydermos Gas Mask


Nightmare Gas Mask Modeled

steampunk gas mask

Steampunk Gas Mask 1

Steampunked gas mask 2

Steampunk Gas Mask 3

1970s ankou

Steampunk Video Frame 5

Thin air and waiting

Defender Minus the Helm

Black Leather Gasmask

Lone Pilot side view

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