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Interviewing the people from the greatest city on earth, New York City. I’m sure your city is cool too, but NYC is just more famous and there’re a lot more TV shows about NYC then your city. Fight over. Enjoy…

1-I really started running when I was 18, right after my dad died. I was doing 17 miles every day. It was my own way of facing death each night and beating it.


3-40 years

4-My mom, dad, and dad's new girlfriend all got cancer at the same time. Now they're all great friends.

5-My Foster Dad told me that if I didn't tell anyone, he wouldn't hurt my brother. But then he raped him.

6-never married


8-I said you could take my picture. Now you're asking me questions and this is turning into a big deal.

9-I've never used a cellphone or computer.

10-Before it was all about us. Now it's all about him.

11-There was a drunk man on the train that everyone was trying to ignore. She saw that he was holding an inhaler, and offered him her seat.

12-Every country is good for different reasons. They are like different fruits. But Egypt is my favorite. Egypt is like a mango.

13-I worked hard, I was honest, I provided for my family, and I took care of my parents.


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