Cheat Codes For Interacting With Certain Animals (22 Images)

by on March 21, 2019

Certain Animals

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Scratch a dog where it’s back legs can’t reach, keep scratching until its eyes begin to close, and then move to the stomach and hips. Their legs will start kicking automatically and it’s hilarious! Also, you will become that dog’s best friend.

animals cheat codes001

If you scratch a cat right above its tail (i.e. butt scratches) it can do some WEIRD things

animals cheat codes002

Cockatoos can be very friendly. If you have one’s attention, soft clicking/clucking noises and small head bobs will often result in them “dancing” and imitating you. Be careful or they might land on your head or shoulders

animals cheat codes003

If you can pick up a chicken, hold its head under one of its wings then rock it like a baby for a minute. Then put it in the ground and it will be asleep.

animals cheat codes004

Generally with mammals you should always let them smell you first so they can judge whether you’re ok or not.

animals cheat codes005

If a ferret tries to bite you, scruff it (like a cat does a kitten), while gently supporting its bum. Hold it like that for long enough, and it should settle and yawn (will require repeating).


Many rabbits will enjoy a pat and a head scratch, instead of being picked up.

animals cheat codes007

If you wriggle your fingers in front of an aquarium, fish will swim to your worm like hands.

animals cheat codes008

Holding a rabbit upside down induces a stress response that makes them freeze

animals cheat codes009

If you need to pick up a turtle, approach from the rear and grab it on the sides of its shell. Warning: it will pee on you and scratch while trying to reach around and bite you. Generally, they can’t bite past their front legs.

animals cheat codes010

Always keep your hand on a horse, so they know where you are.


Snakes are easily distracted by motion. Wiggle the left hand far out while you grab the tail with the right, and start walking away. 

animals cheat codes012

Ever lose a hamster/mouse? Take a steep bowl or low bucket, and stack books around it like a little spiral staircase. Put some peanut butter on a cracker and a small dish of water in the bottom. They’ll be in there scratching to get out before you know it.

animals cheat codes013

Dolphin’s love children crazy amounts so if you are going to go swimming with them or feed them, bring a child.

animals cheat codes014

If you spray a spider with hair spray/deodorant then it won’t be able to move at you can beat it to death easier.

animals cheat codes015

When boxing with a kangaroo they usually lack the strategy to do more than interchange punching arms so you can easily use this to your advantage.

animals cheat codes016

When a cat is lying on its back, it is not an invitation to tickle its belly.

animals cheat codes017

When a parrot’s belly feathers flutter, they are very relaxed.If a parrot’s head feathers are down, but the rest of them are up, you are in moderate danger.


animals cheat codes018

If attacked by a shark, punch them firmly in the snout. If that doesn’t work poke ’em in the eye with your stump.

animals cheat codes019

Make any dog sit down by sliding two fingers down its spine; one on either side

animals cheat codes020

Do not stand behind a black bear when he is backing up. They have terrible blind spots and very poor insurance coverage.

animals cheat codes021

Ever try to catch a frog? Same thing, get behind them, lean over, and be ready to catch 6 inches to a foot ahead of them as they jump away.

animals cheat codes022

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