If We Lost And Double Oxygen For A While (Images)

by on May 1, 2014

lost oxygen

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Everyone at the beach would immediately get sunburns.
Reason – Molecular oxygen in the air protects our skin against UV light.

The Daytime sky would get dark.
Reason – Fewer particles to bounce light means a dark, almost black sky.

All piece of untreated metal would instantly spot weld to each other.
Reason – The only thing preventing metal from welding together on contact is a layer of oxidation.


The Earth’s crust would crumble.
Reason – Oxygen makes 45% of the earth crust.


Everyone’s inner ear would explode.
Reason – Because we would loss about 21% of the air pressure.


Every building made of concrete would turn into dust.
Reason – Oxygen is an important binder in concrete.


The oceans would evaporate and bleed into space.
Reason – Water is 1/3 oxygen, without it hydrogen turn would into a gaseous state and expand in volume.

What If doubled


If instantly, amount of oxygen is doubled, then amount of oxygen inhaled per breath would be doubled. Thus, it shall result in higher working efficiency of all.


Paper Airplanes would fly further.


We would get better gas mileage.


The extra oxygen would improve our cognition, alertness, and performance.


Insect would be Giant in size.
Reason – An insect’s body size is determined by the proportion of oxygen in the atmosphere.


Higher elevation Biomes become inhabited by more vertebrates.
Reason – Areas such as the high Himalayas or high Andes are no longer off-limits to animals without special adaptations to increase their levels of hemoglobin.


We get sick less often.
Reason – Neutrophils, soldiers of the immune system, destroy bacteria by using NADP oxidase to pump ions into, and disrupt, intruding cell’s membranes causing rupture. More oxygen, more oxidase.


We die younger.


Fire incidents shall be more difficult to control as oxygen supply is essential component for fire.


The Humboldt squid will be able to operate with impunity and rising from the depths will decimate fish populations and make the sea impossible for swimming.


Ozone reaches poisonous levels around electrical equipment and surf beaches. Sunburn becomes impossible. Nudity becomes the norm.


Plastics disintegrate rapidly and paint peels.


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