Top 7 Weird And Brutal Facts About John Lennon

by on December 13, 2018

When it comes to John Lennon, then surely there is indeed something weird that strikes about his personality. Although he was considered to be an icon of music in those days, still there are a number of harsh realities about him that will compel you to reconsider what you have been believing about him till now. What we see on the stage and on the media is quite different from what the person is in reality. Although Lennon had been able to make a name for himself, but at the same time we should not undermine some of the brutal facts about him. Millions all over the world love John Lennon still, but all they knew about him was just a hoax. On reading the facts which I would be sharing with you below, you will be amazed and at the same time, shocked to know that in reality Lennon was not what he seemed to be. So before anyone of you feels the need to remodel his or her life and attitudes behind this guy, here are the 7 weird and brutal facts about John Lennon you should know.

7. Used to Beat His Wife

The revered leader and the star icon of peace and love for all humanity was a wife beater. He had accepted this brutal fact that he did beat his wives on a usual basis. For those of who do not know, Lennon had two wives. Cynthia and Yoko Ono, both wives had been the center of his brutality at one point or the other in their married lives.

6. Relationship with the Son

It is a fact that the person who suffered the most at the hands of John Lennon is none other than his eldest son, Julian. The reason for this being the fact that it was all because of the Julian’s conception that Lennon had been forced into marriage. In other words, Lennon was not ready for marriage at that time, as he had no spare time to give to any person. Surely, he considered his family nothing more than a dead goose hanging over him at all times. There have also been a number of instances in which Lennon had been found screaming and hollering at his son, until the boy was forced to let his tears out.

5. Split up the Beatles

Who didn’t love the Beatles? Here is something which the lovers of this group would love to know. Contrary to what you all might have read in the tabloids about Paul McCartney becoming the cause of splitting the group, Lennon is the one to be blamed. He had announced in a meeting that he will definitely leave the group, all because he had got the fame and exposure he needed. In other words, he no longer needed the Beatles tag to reach the heights of glory.

4. No Knowledge about Politics

The world considers Lennon to be a source of peace and serenity for the whole world, but in reality he knew nothing about politics. His activities in the 70’s in terms of the politics were merely exaggerations made from the side of the media and some radical groups of those times. In the political world, he never did anything which can be applauded. Not to forget that he did support the violent group known as Black Panthers, which is surely not something to be proud of.

3. Not a Charismatic Leader

Here we have the fact that is applicable on almost all of the members of the Beatles Band, but when it comes to Lennon it is far more obvious. On analyzing his songs, it is substantiated that in all his music career, he did nothing than just copy the styles and themes of other music directors and bands. First he had been inspired from the Pop Ballads, then he moved towards copying the psychedelic styles of the drug bands of California in those days. In short, he did nothing that can be termed to be original and out of the line.

2. Desperation for Money

Although he posed to be a person who cared the least for money, but on looking at his preferences and dealings it is quite clear that for Lennon, it was all about money, money and money. From the very beginning of his career, he had been desperate for money and fame. While he was a part of the band, he had been happy in adopting the haircuts and styles. But what’s really weird and brutal here is the reality that Lennon considered his career with the Beatles to be shallow and pointless. What? It shows that Lennon was a self-centered narcissist having no regard for the people who helped him reach to the peak of this music career. Moreover, he had also never thought about turning down the huge sums of checks and money that came his way.

1. The Biggest Hypocrite

Whatever he sung and publicized to the world was in opposition to what he had done his entire life. On listening to his song “imagine no possession” some of you might reason he did not care for money, but in reality he spent a millionaire’s life in all the top NY hotels. After he sang the song “all you need is love”, people started worshipping him for being the angel of love and peace for the world. But what about the way he treated his family, especially his son Julian? In simple, Lennon is the opposite what the world thinks of him and this is surely the most brutal fact about John Lennon that you will ever get to hear.

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